Karen Ladyhawke

High Priestess


Hello, my name is Karen, I am also called LadyHawke.

My belief is that there are many paths to the Divine and that we should honor that spark of the Divine within each of us, no matter by what name you call God.

I am an ordained minister at Circle Sanctuary and perform all rites of passage including handfastings/weddings, wiccanings, funerals, maidenings, cronings.. etc. I am the clergy for the Four Winds Fellowship Church in St. Louis and am also a member of Harmony’s Flame Coven, the Fia Rua of Elemental Earthcamp and I have a healing circle, Gifu Clan. I’ve been blessed with amazing children, amazing grandchildren and an amazing community of friends and colleagues.

Yarrow is a place of great diversity, strength, wisdom, and sharing. Step into our circle. Enjoy this space. I hope to see you online and at a community event sometime.


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