Since 1999 Fire has dedicated herself to the many paths of paganism and personal spiritual discovery. As a child, she studied under and was mentored by El bee, his wife Cheryl Brown, and Yarrow Coven.

In 2007 she became a full-fledged member of Yarrow Coven and began to help them with organizing various festivals, events, and gatherings such as Yarrow’s Annual Mabon celebration and Pagan Picnic.

She now provides her own workshop at Mabon called the “Community Stew “. She was also the Head of Security for Pagan Picnic for six years and served as a member at large on picnic’s board of directors. Now she serves Pagan Picnic as one of the heads of the Site and Operations department.

In 2015 she started to work for The College of Occult Science by supporting the college with administrative duties and becoming its Kitchen Witchery Teacher. Her future projects include a blog series on the subject of Kitchen Witchery and a cooking club of sorts.

In her personal life, food is obviously a huge passion for her. So is being a mom to her two young boys, and a wife to her beloved husband. She enjoys her free time by playing video games, watching anime and writing fiction pieces. To say she is a nerd would be an understatement.

One last small fact about Fire, she is extremely shy. Please don’t take her standoff and quiet behavior as her being rude. It just takes her a bit to get comfortable with people she doesn’t know.

Beware, once she is comfortable she doesn’t shut up