Picture of El Bee

El Bee

High Priest - Emeritus


I am El Bee, Priest of Yarrow Coven at your service. I am also known as Norm, The Bottomless Pit, Old Man, Blackleg, and a few things I can’t repeat, hehehe. I am older than dirt and I invented Magick. That’s the rumor anyway.

I am also a child of the Goddess, an herbalist, a spell spinner and poet. I am a life long Pagan and a Wiccan. It is one of the things I live for. My only hope as I go about my faith is that some of what I believe will outlive this present body….

I traveled extensively throughout Asia in my youth and found a spirituality to my liking. The time I spent in India and Nepal was a critical time for me. It allowed me to see my world from a different perspective. Later I was able to meld Eastern and Western thought into a spirituality that reflects the person I am today.

I am a Witch. It is the word that best describes my world view. To be a Witch is to be in tune with my surroundings and aware of your possibilities. To be a Witch is to be able to change my reality through Magick. To be a Witch is to be part of a universal energy pool and able to direct that energy according to my will.

The Rites of Passage I perform hold special meaning for me. Each Marriage, Handfasting, Wiccaning and Coming of Age Ritual I perform gives me the satisfaction of knowing my tradition is being passed on to a new generation.

I live with my wife, Briea, who feeds me very well, hehehe. My dogs Ellie and and Buddy, the dog from Hell, who always keeps me on my toes. Together, we live in this old South St. Louis home that is always needing more work than I can give it. I love it anyway.

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