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Autumn Moon



My life would have gone very differently if my oldest daughter had not asked for books on Wicca in the early ’90s. Being a good parent I read them to see what she was getting into. I was hit with the joy and knowledge that I had found what I had looked for all my life. I started seeking out like-minded people which lead me to Mystic Valley and then Balefires of Beltane (B.O.B) festival in Mid-Missouri where I met Elbee. I started hanging out with Yarrow in ’93 and have been a Priestess of Yarrow ever since.

My craft name is Autumn Moon, but I mostly go by Kendal. I am an RN by education and a Certified Specialist in Poison Information (C-SPI) by profession. I am handfasted (’94)/married (’95) to Bryant (MoonHawk). We have raised five children all of whom are out of the house.

I am a very open and mostly grounded individual. People tend to see me as the ultimate Earth Mother. I am mostly a Kitchen Witch but I have recently become interested in Candle Magic. I am an extrovert but can be very shy around people until I get to know them. Come and introduce yourself so I can get to know you.