Sarjenka Moonchild



Sarjenka Moonchild usually goes just by Amy. She was born in Southeast Missouri and moved to St. Louis after high school. Her career is in social work and she has spent the last ten years working for the state first for Family Services and now as a Disability Determinations Counselor. Amy has studied Paganism since the 1990’s and joined the Pagan Picnic Committee in 2005. In 2007 Amy became a member of Yarrow Coven. She lives with her partner of many years in St. Louis along with their dog and two cats and a turtle. She has one son who is grown and has left the nest. She loves the arts in all its forms and attends many concerts, plays, musicals, movies and symphonies. She loves reading, watching true crime documentaries, and spending time with her animals. Amy enjoys contributing to the community whether it is through her work on the Pagan Picnic Committee or volunteering at the local food pantry. Her spiritual path is eclectic Paganism.