Yarrow Coven

Category: Invocations

Yarrow coven defines an “Invocation” as a means of calling down the Lord or Lady into the body. It is a means of giving control of oneself to a higher power. An “Evocation” refers to calling the Lord and Lady to join us or be with us in circle to guide us and take part in our rites.

These terminologies may or may not be agreed upon, however, this is how we as a coven define these words. Below are the different invocations and evocations that we have written and used in rituals. The most common in many circles, of course, is the Charge of the Goddess or the Charge of the God. However, please browse through some of what we have written from our hearts. And may you always find what you are looking for.

Many of these items were written by coven member and contain a copyright at the bottom of the page. Feel free to use these for your own personal use, however please do not post online (website, listserve, blog, etc.), copy to handouts or otherwise redistribute or copy the material without first obtaining permission from the coven.