Celebrating the Eclipse

I’m so excited.  On August 21, 2017 the Universe will showcase it’s ominous power with a Solar Eclipse.  Obviously, this doesn’t happen all the time but when it does, it’s spectacular.  The Sun, Moon, and Earth will be in perfect alignment for this awesome event and their energies will combine and rain down upon us.  I’ve been feeling this energy build all week and I’ve noticed it in the animals as well
A Solar eclipse can happen only during a new moon so the energy is New Moon energy super charged by the Sun.  New Moon energy is known for new beginnings and transformation.  It symbolizes new ideas, projects, goals, relationships, jobs and so forth.  It can bring us power, wisdom, and positive energy for use in our own rituals and spells.  So, how can we harness this power and how do we  use it
One way to capture this powerful energy is to make Eclipse Water.  You can then use it to super charge your spells, add more energy to a ritual or charge your ritual tools.  All you need is a mason jar (or some other clear container) with a tight fitting lid.  Fill your container with water and place it outside where it can soak up every drop of energy that it can.  Once the eclipse is complete, put your water away till you need it.
Or you may want to
• Water your plants that needing a little extra energy
• Fill your animal’s water dish when they are out of sorts
• Drink a little yourself when you need help for the day
• Make you morning coffee with it for an extra boost of energy
• Mix it with warm water and Epsom salt for a for a revitalizing foot bath.
As you use your Eclipse Water keep your intentions clearly in your mind’s eye to get the results you truly want.
Another way to harness this great energy is to charge your crystals under the power of the Solar Eclipse.  Crystals are often used to focus thoughts and energy and this is a rare opportunity to give them supernatural power that you can use to manifest your wants and desires.
However, I know of no better way to receive the power of this celestial duo than to sit outside and soak it in.  If you have a clear intention, think about what you want to create and send it out into the Universe.  Of course, the best way to do that would be sky clad, but not many of us will have the opportunity to do so.
However you decide to celebrate this momentous event one thing is for sure, it promises to be especially intense.  Expect the unexpected and prepare for transformation.

By Cindy Pinneo


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