Charge of the God

I am the Fire in your soul, the heat of your passion, I am the Bringer of Knowledge and the truth you are seeking, It is I who calls your name in the darkness and it is I who leads you home at Death, I am the lover, son, friend and brother of She whom we adore, I am seen in the golden harvest and savored in sweet fruit.

Hear me now my children, heed my call. This, I Charge you.

Seek me always. I, who have been known as Pan, Hern, Odin, Osiris and a multitude of other names will bless the seeker. Seek me with joy. Behold my worship, for it is in song and verse, love and lust, dance and passion that you will find me. Seek me with courage. I am found in the wild forests and lonely seas. Fear nothing and be not weak for my path is one of strength and steadfastness.

Seek me with love as you would your Goddess for you are my children and I your father.

Seek me always and I will not desert you. Come to me for comfort and I will wrap you in my arms. Call my name and I will come to you as the wind and sweep you away into ecstasy. Love me and when I come for you, I will lay you at your Mother’s feet and She will again breath life into you that you may return once more as I do.

These things I Charge you, for I know it is I whom you desire and it is I whom you will become at the end of your days.

Written by Elbee

© Yarrow Coven 1995, May not be reproduced, copied or distributed without permission. Thank you.

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