Charge of the Earth Mother

Hear the words of the Earth Mother! Gaia, Hera, Demeter…she by many names by many peoples….all across my sacred earth.

I am the pulsing heartbeat of the living earth…it is my body…my being…the soul of nature who gives life to the universe. The trees that surround you…they are my living arms…spread wide to greet you. To keep you. The earth beneath your feet….it is my core. My body. My breathing Soul.

The rivers…my children…they are my flowing blood…the lifeline that ebbs and flows within your veins just as it does in the vast oceans….all to the rhythm of my sacred moon. The mountains are my bosom….its glaciers my sweet milk that pours out upon the land frozen in time to sustain and provide for many years into the future…

And upon my earth in your walk….there lies beside you many gifts…many pieces of wisdom if only you open your ears to listen. You are not alone. You have many animal brother’s and sisters that you would be wise to seek their counsel.
For I am the hoot of the mystical owl…my eyes illuminating in the night…my vision keen and aware of even the slightest movement……hoooooo……hear my call. I am the lioness strong and proud….protecting my young…yet fierce and strong! I am the spider…delicate…and so small yet I create and weave a web of strength and beauty…stretching wide and vast only to be covered in my tears of the morning dew.

HEAR MY CALL to you. I seek your humility….your balance with all of nature. Hear my song in the song of seashells….for in them I share my mysteries. Listen to the whisper of the trees for they dance to the wind and transform and change to show resilience, see my face in the rocks formed over millions of years…solid and true….find me in all that surrounds you for I am the all and I am always with you and within you. For in these these…my wisdom you will find.
Seek it. Listen. Dance. Give honor and become the part of me in which you were created. These words to you…I freely give. That of the Earth Mother…sacred life giver…seek and you will find. Ask wisely and I will give. Connect and you will be set free.

Hear my words my children…………. This I charge you….

Written by Oscianna 2006 Yarrow Coven.

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